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Measurements for a Magnetic Necklace, Bracelet & Anklet

When you order a new bracelet or anklet from KC Kreations, we want to make sure it's going to fit properly. You do not want your item to be too tight or too loose. It's better to have it fit on the loose-side rather than too tight. If it's too tight, you risk the chance of losing your new piece of jewelry - because you can flex your wrist or ankle and open the magnetic clasp, allowing it to drop off.

We suggest you follow these simple instructions for taking a proper measurement:


Typically we make our necklaces around the 17 - 19" range. Consider measuring one of your already-owned necklaces to copy the length if you like how it fits your neckline. Or maybe you're into a choker, then shorten it up a bit. And, if you have nothing to match up to, then get out the measuring tape or a *string* and put it around your neck - seeing where the center would hit you, keeping in mind the style that you are ordering.

BRACELET: Basic 'Rule of Thumb'-- 1/2" larger than actual wrist size

Option 1: Using a flexible measuring tape or a *string* - place it at the wrist bone - leave it loose enough to slip one finger under the measuring devise - CHECK OUT THE IMAGE ABOVE - note that measurement. That is your FINAL SIZE to order. If you like your bracelet a little on the loose side, add a bit more (1/4").

Option 2: Use a flexible measuring tape or *string* at the point where you want your bracelet to fit. This measurement will be the ACTUAL SIZE OF YOUR WRIST - from that measurement, add 1/2". If you like your bracelet a little on the loose side, add a bit more. Add numbers together, giving you the SIZE TO ORDER.

Example: Your ACTUAL wrist measures 6 1/2", add another 1/2" = 7", however you like it kinda loose (and maybe because you tend to swell up a bit overnight/early morning) add another *1/4" -- so, 7" + 1/4" = 7 1/4" -- that's the SIZE you need TO ORDER! *If you don't want another full 1/4" added, then order the smaller size and make a notation in the COMMENTS section at checkout as to the odd size! We'll see the notation and make it to that size!

*String* Method: If you DO NOT HAVE A FLEXIBLE MEASURING TAPE you can use a ribbon or piece of string to wrap around your wrist, ankle or neck. Mark the length. Then measure the string or ribbon with a rigid ruler and add any extra amounts if needed.

ANKLET: Basic 'Rule of Thumb'-- 1/2" larger than actual ankle size

Using the same basic guidelines above (for Bracelet), measure your ankle where you want the anklet to rest (nearer to the ankle bone or higher up the leg). Add the additional 1/2" and give us that SIZE with your ORDER.

Note: Magnetic jewelry will 'hang differently' than chain-type ankle or wrist bracelets - tend to be more round and rigid. Best to adhere to measurement suggestions above.



Maybe you want to make it a surprise gift - see if you can (on the sly) measure one of their existing bracelets, anklets or necklaces. Or consider their bone structure and go by the basic information below:


Average Bracelet for a Woman is 7 1/4"

Average Bracelet for a Man is 8 1/4"

Average Anklet for a Woman is 9 1/2"

Average Anklet for a Man is 10 1/2"

Average Necklace for a Woman is 18"

Average Necklace for a Man is 19"


KUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ORDERING THE CORRECT SIZE - If KC Kreations made the originally-ordered size and it doesn't fit the way you want it to, it needs to be returned to KC Kreations TO BE RE-SIZED - chances are it will need to be restrung.

SHIP the jewelry back via USPS - (preferably in it's original packaging) -- INCLUDE $3 for return postage and $6 PER STRAND for labor of restring job to:

KC Kreations Magnetic Jewelry

1079 Porch Rock Rd

Pikeville, TN 37367

It's a good idea to email us to let us know your items are coming back:

We'll keep a correspondence going re the status too!