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Pewter Kitty Magnetic Ring

Pewter Kitty Magnetic Ring
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DISPLAYED IN PEWTER SILVER! Magnetic Ring w/4mm High-Quality, TRIPLE HIGH POWER Magnetic Hematite beads w/10x10mm Pewter Kitty Head *SELECT GOLD or SILVER alloy* - Ahhhh Adorable!

Strung on Strong & Stretchy Stretch Magic Jewelry Cord - Won't stretch out like cheap cord!

SIZES: Each ring stretches to TWO SIZES i.e. Ring Size = 5 - 6, 6 - 7, 7 - 8 etc. Not being Rigid - ring can go OVER Inflammed Knuckle and then form to finger snuggly, not feeling tight!

People purchase this item for: Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation and Swelling in Individual Finger Joints; Trigger Finger; and to promote healing from Burns, Injuries and Surgical procedures - to name a few!

**Wearers** of a PACEMAKER, DEFIBRILLATOR, INSULIN PUMP OR OTHER IMPLANTED ELECTRO-MEDICAL DEVICE should AVOID MAGNETS. And if you're Pregnant, you should consult your Physician before wearing. Keep away from Small Children!