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Black Silicone BOOT STYLE Double Strand Magnetic Anklet

Black Silicone BOOT STYLE Double Strand Magnetic Anklet
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If you HUNT, HIKE or wear ankle-high (or higher) Boots, then this is the Magnetic Anklet for you. The two strands of Black Silicone are Hypo-allergenic, soft and durable: wears comfortably inside a high-top boot! Never know it's there! Yet the Magnetism from the Clasp is HIGH POWER, X-TRA SUPER HEAVY-DUTY at 13,000 GAUSS STRENGTH - EZ on! EZ off!

UPGRADE Double Clasp to a Triple for an additional fee and MORE POWER!

Practically POWERFUL and COMFORTABLE! A must for the Hunter, Hiker, Runner or Person on the Move!

Handcrafted Magnetic Anklet with USA made hypo-allergenic Silicone and some High-Quality, High-Power Magnetic Hematite beads.

Strong! Durable! Strung on 80-pound Test, Abrasion-Resistant Copolymer Cord - specially formulated for magnetic jewelry

Restless Leg Syndrome; Sciatica; Lower Back Pain; Hip Pain; Poor Circulation in Feet; Relief from Bunions; Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain; Neuropathy; Bone Spurs; Gout; Inflammation in Feet & Legs and Plantar Fasciitis sufferers purchase this item!

Keep away from Small Children and wearers of PACEMAKER, DEFIBRILLATOR, INSULIN PUMP OR OTHER IMPLANTED ELECTRO-MEDICAL DEVICE. And, if you're Pregnant, you should consult your Physician before wearing.